What has gone before

And there I was, realizing that I had accidentally deleted my ship’s logs without any backups.  The Feds were not gonna like that. Not at all.

So let me summarize.

No, it is too much …  Let me sum up.

I received my first Sidewinder in the system of LHS 3447, where I started carrying cargo before realizing that four cargo cannisters at a time was not going to get daddy a new blaster. At that point, courier missions, which have pulled in the quatloos.  At this point I have a couple of gimballed Class G burst lasers, have updated my power plant and shields, added a chaff launcher, and am feeling rather smug about myself despite the fact that I am way the hell out there at Kempston Hardwick in the Frog system.

I plan on reversing course, at this point, pushing back to LHS 3447, and then extending back beyond in the other direction.

My goal: find the extent of “the bubble” – the extent of Human influence at this point in time, which is completely unknown to even the Feds.

Secondary goal: I’ve always wanted to visit Sol.

I’ll try to keep better records going forward, but no guarantees. Sometimes it gets a little wooly out there in The Big Black.

So here we go.

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