With a name like Frog, it has to be Frog

The navy brats keep bugging me to do them a favor, and offer standing with the Fed military in exchange. This far out, they have to depend on low-lifes like me to bring with the fire sticks, and bribery is a very effective tool for such things.

Still, you gotta marvel at how well the Feds have hidden the fact that they can’t get basic military goods to their trained dolphins in the outer sectors. Or even the near hinterlands, for that matter.  Something that the locals have no compunctions about highlighting at all. Still, I don’t have much to say to Flash News At Nine’s Raul Ramjet on the matter.  They aren’t offering coin, and I have better things to do.

It’s not like I have a lot of choice here. The nearest place to purchase military goods of any sort is dozens of light years away, and these local clowns want them within days of the contract.  Are you kidding me? I’d be happy to bring you some Hitachi-Rayban blasters next time I’m coming through, but if you’re gonna be like that, you can just strap sharp rocks to those sticks over there, and good luck with that.

I have a great desire to make dock at Sol some day and see the “Big Blue Marble” spinning above Galileo Station – or maybe even, if I’m lucky, Lincoln Station. But it’s hard to imagine that the Federation that I deal with day to day has anything to do with the fabled font of all Humankind. Docking at one of the stations near Sol is basically reduced to “bucket list” status at this point.

The problem with Frog is that unless you want to deal with the Feds, there’s precious little credits to be made here. This system has many stations, but they all play the same song. I hate monotonic systems. Such systems make it easy to decide where to dock because if you dock at one, you’ve docked at them all. So pick the closest, refuel, and head out to the Big Black again.

The annoying part is that you have to dock at them all to find that out.

Well, eyes on the prize, Mom always said. Our current trajectory is LHS 3447 to Sol, at which point we’ll pick a compass point and follow it until we run out of people. Personally, I think that’s a great goal to have in life. People, in my experience, are pain.

Okay, fine. Detour through Stha for 14K creds. It’s like you’re reading my mind.

Or somethings.

Eventually, I need to point the nose of this ship in the correct direction.  But looks like right now is not that time.

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