The First Rule of Spaceship Upgrade Club is

One of the things conveniently lost when I “accidentally” dumped my ship’s log (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) is the fact that I accidentally downgraded my shields and weapons during a stop not far from Yaping Enterprise.  I forgot the first rule of the upgrade process – lower is better.

That is to say, a Type F laser is better than a Type G, regardless of the type of mount. Of course a gimbaled mount is better than fixed, and turreted better than gimbaled, but a Type F gimbaled is not necessarily an upgrade from a Type E fixed. In other words, the earlier in the alphabet a component’s type is, the better it is, with Type A being the best (and also the most expensive as well as the most difficult to find).  This applies to all components. So when I “upgraded” my borrowed Type F shields to a fully owned set of Type G shields, I actually crippled my ship, and didn’t realize until long after I left the station.

And you know how they are – once you fly off, it’s final.

This is one reason why I’m having troubles with missions right now – based on my rating, they have every expectation I’ll come home alive from the missions I go out on, but more often than not I end up in  cold sleep in a lifepod. Oh, bother.

An extremely unfortunate side effect is that the missions available to me are far more interesting than I can handle.

It’s a self-correcting mechanism, in that my rating will decline every time I die. But after a while I feel like I’m in that old Sol classic, “Ground Pig Day”, where I keep reliving the same thing over and over, and am starting to enjoy the sensation of death.

At least, until my credits run out.

This is all very entertaining until you’re face to face with a Wolf 359 entertainment droid that has a full recreational library install. Then that laser upgrade starts looking like something you can put off for a couple of missions.

Steady, there, Commander.

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