Six Hours


Moisuc Refinery, Huh system

As expected, all the good missions managed to go off-station while I was sobering up. Basically, it was pilot’s choice for direction, so I picked the promising port of Ngaruyanka for my next destination, and dead-headed it. All I was able to find there was a courier mission to Youming, but a wretched mission to help the hopeful propagandists of … well, I can’t remember who it was, but there’s always someone fighting for freedom on some station somewhere.   I don’t care if it’s a lost cause or not, the credits buy just as much at the Yamaha Plaza.


As I was saying, this wretched mission dropped me in front of the Board pondering what kind of suckage might ensue, when I spotted the plaintive cries of the Hipster Conglomerate of the station offering over 14K for three tons of tea … assuming I could get it there within six hours.

Consulting the charts, it looked like Wolf 686 might have a port exporting tea.  Six hours. Six jumps.  I had the fuel, I had had a full night’s sleep, and I was relatively not hung over.  Game on.

I found out real fast that the most likely reason for the high payout was that there was nothing but Brown Dwarfs between Youming and Wolf 686; for those just now joining our galaxy in progress, brown dwarfs are stars that never accumulated enough mass to trigger fusion, and thus are host to few if any establishments. And those that are around, are somewhat … rustic.

I was lucky enough to get jumped by the galaxy’s most optimistic pirate, who five minutes later fed me a bounty voucher for over 1K, thank you very much Mr. Morrison. 

And then I met the most wonderfully named station in the galaxy – Bacon.

Unfortunately, there was no bacon, nor any tea, but the locals directed me further out in the system to Houssay Terminal, the host to an agri-farming colony that would had welcomed farm equipment, had I thought to load some up in the old cargo hold.


Houssay presented its own unique set of problems.  The constabulary there is rather trigger happy. I personally witnessed two ships getting destroyed as I landed, and one taking off.  But that’s not the problem with Houssay; the problem with Houssay is navigating through the tangled web of scrap metal floating outside and in.  They should probably cut back on the police budget just enough to hire one or two salvage crews.

The good news is that Houssay had what I wanted, and I had what they wanted – cash. After loading up the required amount – plus an extra ton just to sweeten the pot on the open market – I high-tailed it back to Youming to collect my just reward.

The irony is that, now that I have reached my goal of 50K, I can’t upgrade my weapons because there’s no outfitter in this station!

Today’s been grueling and stressful, but ultimately rewarding. Wonder if I’ll catch a break tomorrow?

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