Honey Pot


Delbruk Outpost, Crucis Sector AQ-Y C24

After the devastating disappointment of Sol, my journey towards Lave was not proving to be the most profitable.  I had those two cans of Mega Gin in my hold, but the Board at Delbruk was as cold and empty as Space itself.

I have a kind of routine for dead-heading now. Latch the Navcomp on to the next star on the route, initiate jump, drop the throttle to zero as we traverse. On emerging, scan for anything useful and react accordingly.  If nothing found, move on.

Two or three jumps out, I spotted something promising, and on jumping in, realized I’d hit the jackpot – GOLD. Four canisters of gold.  No wreckage, which was odd … and in a moment I realized why. As I scooped the first one up, several pirates came out of hiding – from where, I have no idea – and opened fire. Typical honey pot scenario, and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I jinked, dodged, dumped flares and bugged out as fast as I could, and still barely got away with 18% hull integrity.

I limped off to the closest station, which was Libby Station at LTT 5419, only to find that there was no repair shop on station. Like a fool, I didn’t check the other station in the system, but figured I’d find one two or three systems along the line.

Eight jumps later, and on the last fumes of fuel, I finally limped into La Soeur du Dan in the Riedquat system. My fuel gauge wasn’t even registering. Drenched in buckets of sweat, I jockeyed my ship into docking bay 12 and thanked the Maker for what luck I had left.

There was good news to be had in the end.  The gold I had nabbed was actual gold, not just a cheap decoy, and one lone can got me 6K free income. And the Mega Gin was selling for 12K a can, 2K per over the galactic average.  Cashing in my chips, I called it a night.


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