Mostly Harmless

Patterson Dock, Uszaa System

Uszaa has a war going on, and it appears to be spilling out to the surrounding systems.  Not overtly, but in some places the rule of law seems to be breaking down.

Take Reidquat, for example. I’ve done a few runs out there, and had a few gankers take a shot at me, but today, it was like flying through a target range. Before I even found my objective, I had taken out three attackers and hoovered up some lovely tobacco cans that one of them dropped.  A fourth one was wise enough to just bug out before I finished him off.  Fortunately, there were several stations in that system, and I was able to sell off my ill gotten gains and return to the hunt without losing much time.

The final encounter before I found my quarry almost dusted Wild Heart, and I’m pretty sure I could hear atmosphere hissing out the cracks in the canopy. The usual ruse – canisters full of gold and the miscreants laying in wait.  Word must be getting around about me, too, because this crowd was wise enough to not wait for me to take the bait first – they attacked as I was slowing to scoop one up!

Hissing, banging, and shuddering into my landing pad, I started to sign out from the Navicomp when I noticed something. On the summary screen, the Comp shows your Galactically-recognized combat rating. Most people are classified “Harmless”, as I had been until now, but sometime in the past day’s activities, mine had been upgraded.

“Mostly Harmless.” 

Mostly Harmless

Look out guys, looks like we’ve got a badass over here.

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