It’s a dirty job


Davies High, Reorte System

My favorite bar here has a great view in the general direction of Lave, and on slow nights I imagine I can actually see my intermediate destination, though if you were to ask me to point out exactly which spec of light it was, I’d probably blow it. We’re all slaves to our Navcomps, most likely.

Pickings were slim, with a quick trip to fish out some Rebel cans for The Party Whom It Concerns, and at that point I had a choice to dead-head to Lave, or take on what appeared to be a moderately easy mission to take out some pirates for 8K.

Everything I’ve learned about keeping my ship in one piece went out the window as I considered my chances.  What the hell; with a shiny new Warrant scanner and a beefy power distro box, I was starting to feel like I might be able to make some dosh if I could remember to run when the situation called for it.

Freighter captains are generally a careful bunch, but the one buzzing the tower just outside the airlock was either a maniac or trying desperately to signal the authorities that he had been hijacked by rabid Trumbles.  Match that up with my propensity to fly out the airlock at full pelt and you have the makings of a butt-clenching good time.  

The first battle was the most difficult. This batch of pirates liked to huddle in close to their home star, so after blipping off a few shots, the thermal margins started to ablate pretty quickly.  I didn’t lose my shields, but I still took 500Cr worth of damage in the process. The fight stretched out a lot longer than it should have as I tried to put some distance between us and the hellish coronal zone.  This gave his partners the chance to bug out, leaving me forced to look around some more.

This encounter gave me the opportunity to fine-tune my new Warrant Scanner and learn the ropes of how to use it.  Basically, point it at a perp and shoot.  It actually works a lot like my beam lasers, in that you don’t have to have the target right in the crosshairs – in the neighborhood will do.

In my experience when you’re intercepted by a fellow making a counter-offer, the counter-offer is usually pretty sucky, and you usually don’t find out until you go to collect.

In this regard, I’ll give the pirates their props. He knew what I was after, and made a counter offer that beat my current bounty by 1K.  But there’s a couple of things wrong with this.  First of all, I had to take out four Rozzers to get paid.  And secondly, I wouldn’t collect any actual bounty for killing the Rozzers.  Whereas, I was getting 8K plus 4-6K apiece per pirate hulled.

Out here, the bottom line is still the bottom line.

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