Shout out to the Goonies


Davies High, Reorte System

Business is booming in Reorte, even for those of us looking to move on.  While it goes against my own doctrine, I’m starting to consider just dead heading to Lave so I can declare this leg of the journey over and move on to the next.  But maybe a couple more missions, will do the trick. Hope springs eternal.

My first mission brought me in contact with a pirate looking to make an impression – literally. Ship shot up, making not even a little headway against my shields, and, to add insult to injury, the Feds had just arrived to close the coffin lid, our erstwhile villain aimed the nose of his ship squarely at my ship and rammed.  He died, I got a bounty, and my cockpit was all crinkly. Not my favorite mission, but at least I got out of it alive.

I took what I decided would be my final mission at Davies High, and set out hunting pirates. I decided to stop over in Lave, which was on the way, and see if I could find a black market to dump the illegal salvage I was still toting around.  But there were rumors.

There’s this bunch of guys, trolls really, called “The Goonswarm”.  They don’t really have an allegiance, or much of an organization, but they’re effective in the same way that a swarm of ants crawling in your shorts is effective at keeping you from doing anything else.

So, the rumor was that they had started hanging out around Lave, screwing up traffic patterns and basically interdicting anything in or out of the system.  I was gratified to find out that either the rumors were wrong, or that the Swarm was having lunch.

Either way, I found a home for my cargo, refueled, and went off on my merry way – where I got propositioned by one of the pirates to go meet them at an alternative location for a reward, instead.  The World’s Least Interesting Pilot set off to find out that the so-called “reward” was all of 5% of what I would have made had I stayed on mission.   Oh, that and a lot of rep with the pirates.

Welp, let that be a lesson.  A bag full of pirate rep is worth exactly a bag, as my daddy used to say. 

Someday, maybe, I’ll learn.

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