Like a Spirit in Flight


Lave Station, Lave System

You realize things are getting too repetitive when the name of the station starts to be the name of the system you’re in, or vice-versa. Either way, I took it as a sign. I’ve been here long enough. Mission accomplished.  Move on to the next.

My long term goal for now is still to get in good with the Feds and visit Sol, but that’s going to require a bit more oomf than I’m packing, even with all of Wild Heart’s upgrades. So I need to roam around and blow bad guys up or something. I hate aimlessly wondering around, so I’m setting myself some arbitrary intermediate goals.  The plan is to go down the list of rare commodities and tote two of one to the location of the next in the list, selling my ship to the highest bidder along the way.  I have no idea how to sort the list out in a logical pattern, so I’m just following the list in alphabetical order.

With two exceptions.  Leesti is just next door and offers up two commodities.  I’m loading two cans of Azure Milk in my hold, but not Leestian Evil Juice.  It’s not that EJ is illegal in many systems, it’s that it’s so much less profitable.  I want to make something out of this token cargo.

Earlier I’d mentioned that there was no sign of this so-called “Goonswarm” at Lave, but I was in error.  Watching the comms channel reveals that they’re around, but not engaging.  Mostly, they seem to be trying to find ways around the Alliance comm channels’ profanity filters. It’s funny as hell watching them call each other “vaginas”.  I’ll give the Alliance this; they don’t censor outright. They just make you look stupid.

While I was laying in supplies (what supplies a Sidey can carry – a bar of soap gets serious consideration sometimes when you’re making hard decisions about packing a small ship like this), I hired a mechanic to slap a fresh coat of paint on poor old Wild Heart; she was starting to look like a piece of sandpaper. The mechanic got a great deal on some vibrantly purple paint, and also offered to paint an authorized insignia on her nose to indicate my elevation to the lofty ranks of “almost harmless.”  It was a good deal so I took her up on it.

Heading out of Lave, I headed off to Leesti for my juice, and started sorting through the Board’s missions there. Piracy isn’t so much a problem here, but pirates are still very profitable. I’ve gotten the knack of my new equipment and have been not just making some good money, but storing up future bounty vouchers with other systems thanks to my Warrant Scanner. The missions themselves aren’t much more rewarding than, say, a Black Boxer, but the additional bounties can drive the ultimate rewards off the charts.

The new beam lasers have exhibited one annoying issue – they tend to overheat the ship if I overuse them. If I continue with this line of work, I may have to make a very hard decision between a warrant scanner and a head sink launcher, a decision I am not happy with. The other option is to drop the chaff launcher … and I’m seriously considering it. I’m going to have to keep an eye on how often I have need of each, how drastic the situation would be without, and act accordingly.  The heat sink launcher very well might help with some smuggling operations … but that’s a topic for another time.

For now, I’m bumming my way to 47 Ceti.  I’ve never been there, so this should be fun.

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