Quator Station, Quator System

Quator is going to go down in my logbook as a real bad scene. 

It started out well enough, but three missions in, I got a little cocky and signed up for an anti-piracy patrol.  About halfway through, I dropped out of Super into a nest of vipers.  Well, they were actually Vultures … manned by pirates that outgunned me and had years of experience on me.  I didn’t even have time to yell “Bloody pirates!” before I was watching the shields drop, the canopy blow off, and pieces of my ship drift apart in different directions.

Waking up in Quator again, I checked the boards, and found nothing of interest.  All righty, on to the next system on the path to 47 Ceti.

Several jumps later, I’ve got an empty fuel tank and haven’t seen an occupied system since Quator.  Without a fuel scoop, I had no choice – I had to self-destruct.

Waking up once again in Quator, I checked the navcomp to make sure I had taken the right route.  Sure enough, I had.  The Navcomp doesn’t have a setting that automatically plots your course through inhabited systems.  So I have two choices – find another route, or give up on that one for now and move on to the next one on the list.

I’m going to take a day or so to drink to the memory of over 30KCr that I just spent on insurance deductables and then make a decision.  But probably option “A”.

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