Quator Station, Quator Station

I’m thinking of renaming Wild Heart to Quator Station, Quator Station, but the Navicomp gave me a look that suggested otherwise.  I swear! If the thing had eyes, they’d be giving me the digital stinkeye over that.

After some hydraulic meditation, I decided that I’d try finding an alternate route to 47 Ceti.  It’s really not a huge issue for me as to where I go next, but I do hate to be thwarted.  I’m going to push this little ship as far as she’ll go and see where that lands me.

Quator being on my list of places to not be at anymore, I set my sights on Lovell Station in Bruthanvan next door. I wasn’t expecting much from the Board, but they surprised me with an anti-piracy mission in Amijangal and Oguninksmii. I was, however, wary of this after the debacle of my last anti-piracy mission. The last one wanted me to take out 7, this one 6. Not much better. But I resolved that I wouldn’t learn how to deal with these if I didn’t work on them more and learn the tricks of spotting the bad ones from afar.  The first step in avoiding a trap is knowing it is a trap.

The pirate hunting in Amijangal was a lot better than in Oguninksmii, and to add insult to injury, I got fined for hauling contraband by some feds that I helped out of a jam.  Hey, can’t blame a guy for picking up a little salvage, can you?

I am learning the art of the D-Scanner.  In passive mode, the scanner will automatically notify you of any undiscovered celestial bodies you come close to.  But in active mode, even the lowliest discovery scanner will reveal a hefty number of bodies within a few AUs of your location.  Once you got a list lined up to scan, you can combine getting close enough to scan with watching for potential pirate encounters.  If you survive long enough to get 20 LY away, you’ll profit greatly, so consider that also to be an incentive to not get hulled. All that valuable data will go the way of the dodo – whatever that is.

The good news is that I’ve found that there is a useful route from Lowell to a station on the other side of the gap that I found the other day, so that’ll get me closer to my destination.

The bad news is that I have yet to find a station that will let me dump my salvage.  I do have a solution – since I lost my Azure Milk in the other day’s unfortunate ambush, I’m considering a quick trip to Leesti to grab a couple more cans of it, and I can dump my ill gotten goods there before setting out for the next point in my trip.

By the way, the Feds are back bugging me to go after the General again. This time, it’s General Pratchett.



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