Journey: Interrupted


Lovell Depot, Bruthanvan System

The path towards 47 Ceti was open, so I plotted a course to bridge the gap between here and there and climbed into the comfortable, yet extremely constricted, cockpit of Wild Heart. The first order of business was to pop over to Leesti and grab some Azure Milk at George Lucase station.

I should have known this enterprise was headed for trouble when the supply of Milk had dried up to 1 whole can’s worth. To round the cargo up to 2 cans, I grabbed a can of Evil Juice.

A quick note: Leesti Evil Juice is not actually illegal on any system that I am aware of, despite its reputation. Cops hate it because it really makes you mean, but that could be said of really cheap tequila, too.

Well, that can be said of my ex and really chap tequila, at least. 

Well, okay … any tequila. 

Well, okay … anything alcoholic. 

Well, okay … if she was breathing.


So I picked up my goodies, and headed back to Lovell to top off the tanks, then flung my frail frame into the Black, which on reflection was a really bad decision.

Around Qube, I got jumped by, I dunno, 200 pirates or something. One of them splatted the cargo hatch and my well-gotten-gains were expelled to the void.  Considering my life well worth the loss, I jumped outta there a bit poorer, but also a bit aliver.

This did not help me on the next jump.  One guy, with plenty of firepower, blew through my shields and hulled me like he was at least two grades higher in combat rating.  I’d love to say that my attempts to K-scan his ass had a lot to do with that, but the hard facts are that he was just a really good shot, and I should have reacted a lot more directly than I did.

Complacency, thy name is “insurance payout”.

Say goodbye to: contraband, cargo, and nav data.

Say hello to: humble pie.


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