Getting Places without Getting By


Lichtenberg Gateway, Yorates System

Still steaming from losing my rare goods cargo to pirates, I decided to make a quick jump back to Leesti just to replace the lost cargo. Mostly, I was curious how much I would get for it at 47 Ceti, but there was also principle involved. With small things we are damned.

I got to Leesti and back to Lichtenberg without incident – I wasn’t looking for trouble, and it wasn’t looking for me. This particular arm shows just how far I had to stretch to get across the gap – the tank was close enough to empty as to make no difference. How much does it take to fill a Sidewinder? Exactly 100Cr.  You’re welcome.

Yorates offered no real opportunities, so I set out for the next manned point on the trail … then the next … then the next … this route wasn’t unmanned, but it was mostly just mining outposts. Not much in the way of action for someone looking to murder pirates for a living. Or anything else.

Then I hit Federation Space.

According to the Navicomp and any other number of sources, Leesti Evil Juice is a “legal drug”, and while it is disliked by a lot of the rozzers, it’s perfectly okay to transport it.  Apparently, nobody told my navicomp that the Feds have a different opinion. So, while I paid 500Cr each for two cans of the stuff, the Feds hit me up for 4400Cr in fines.  The trade net says this stuff can sell for 8K a can, but I’m sorely tempted to drop it at the first opportunity, because that kind of fine can eat away at the profit margins pretty rapidly.

But, you know, mining colonies.  No big stations at all, just these frameworks that look like some miner just bolted spare parts together randomly as needed.  And while that’s a distinct possibility for these things, they generally all gravitate towards one of a few generally useful configurations.  Hab module here, docking modules here and here, fuel modules all along here … after a while you get used to it and know where to look for the landing pad if you don’t see the landing lights.

It does mean, as I think I’ve mentioned before, that the orientations of the stupid things can be just about any direction. There are a few rules of thumb that’ll help out, such as the landing pad number is always at the longitudinal end of the thing, or that the blast shield  should be behind you when you start to land, but there’s still a lot of challenges in getting lined up right. The best solution, as always, is to be ready to react quickly.

Aside from a few pirates that donated to the cause, this has been an fairly unproductive leg of the journey.  I’ve got around 30 more jumps to go to get to 47 Ceti. If I don’t die of boredom first.

Probably jinxed it, didn’t I?

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