Not the Greatest Judge of Character


Haxel Dock, Asegezites System

Good news: I’d left the foul grasp of the Feds and re-entered civilization, where my precious Evil Juice was no longer considered the Worst Thing Since Dark Matter. The bad news was, Haxel wasn’t happening. 

You know when you look at the vid guide, and you decide to hate-watch that show that you constantly mock people for watching because everything else that’s on is even worse?  Well, that’s the Bulletin Board on Haxel.  There was a choice between going after The General (again), or going after traders.

I’ve always had problems with this kind of mission. Pirates are easy to figure out. If they’re wanted, or they shoot at you first, you’re pretty much guaranteed to collect a bounty. Trade interdiction missions are a lot harder to figure out.  And in this case I didn’t do any better than before.  Found a lone Hauler, took a shot, got a fine.  Finished the job, got a bigger fine. Didn’t get credit for the kill, so OBVIOUSLY I had it wrong.

So I slinked off to the nearest station to pay off a whopping fine so I didn’t end up with the rozzers up in my business. Going after traders is clearly not my strong suit.  Note to self: for now, let’s stick to pirates.

Another lesson learned in this general part of the galaxy is the difference between Combat Rating as a guide and Ship Type as a guide.

Lemme essplain.

You’re flying a Sidey and a Cobra manned by a Mostly Harmless pilot jumps your shit.  If you’re armed fairly well, you stand a decent chance against that Cobra. Play your cards right, and you’ll collect a bounty on this clown.

On the other hand, a Harmless-rated pilot flying an Imperial Courier starts the fight out around 2-3 times better off than that Cobra ever dreamed of being. Better armor, better shields, better power plant … assuming you land nothing but solid hits and your opponent lands one out of three glancing blows, your shields will STILL go down before the Courier’s. If you press this fight, you’re probably going to lose.

Know when to run.

Having fulfilled my anti-piracy obligations, and tallied my bounties, I limped in to port with 6% left on my hull integrity field, jumping at every crackle from the canopy. A few minor upgrades were purchased, but I’m happy to report that even after all that, I’ve cracked 300K in my savings.

The plan right now is to wait until I hit 500K before even shopping for a Cobra, because the chassis is just the beginning. I also have to pick the right place to buy it, because where ever that is will more or less become my new home port – either because I have a halfway-equipped Cobra parked there, or because I have a sweetly decked-out Sidewinder parked there.

I mean, sure, I could park a ship somewhere and travel to it on a regular passenger liner.

But I’ve seen the kind of people out there plying the spaceways. No way I’m going out there with anything less than a Class B beamer.

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