Targets of Opportunity


Picard Settlement, Yenada System

For a mining outpost, Picard has a pretty lively Board. Unfortunately, when your best choices are between going after traders or Rozzers, you know you’re in the wrong part of the galaxy.  Pay my bar tab, fuel up, and I’m gone.

The next few systems were echoes of Yenada with variations. But, there were plenty of targets of opportunity along the way, as I investigated any signal source that didn’t look like a trap. The bounties have been small but plentiful, and I’m gradually closing on my 500K goal.

Some of these encounters are real heart breakers.  Take out the cargo hatch and see a virtual rain of cargo come spilling out … and just as you get ready to scoop a few up, the Rozzers show up.  None of the usual smuggler tricks work in this situation. If they scan you here, you don’t stand much of a chance of getting away without a fine.  So not worth it.  But, still.  Couldn’t they wait for five minutes more?  I did all the actual work, here.  Respect.

I’m starting to see offers from the Royals to turn coats and work for them.  I’m not really wearing a Fed coat to turn, but I want to visit Sol before I turn things around, and associating with the Empire just doesn’t sound like it would put me in good stead for a Sol permit, so I’m keeping them at arm’s length for now. 

This last encounter was one of those that usually ends up with you podded, flushing all that lovely nav data down the drain.  Caught a whiff of a signal, dropped out, found a freighter that was just skipping out.  Noticed the two other ships that where there were fairly high-powered, so turned my nose away and started my jump cycle up.  Before I knew it, theyd’ closed on me and were pummeling me like a sparring dummy.  I got out with my usual 18%, wincing at ever crack and pop the canopy made along the way. 

Never get complacent.  There’s always a bigger fish out there, waiting to pounce.

The mechanic tells me it’ll take a couple of days to fix all the holes, so looks like I’ll be inhabiting the nearest watering hole for a while. Suits me just fine. My nerves are still jangled over that fight.

Like my pappy used to say, sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.

I have no idea what a bear is.

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