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Star Fury

Chaudhary Hangar, Mboyan System The final few jumps of my journey to 47 Ceti were uneventful other than the occasional pirate giving his life for my buy-a-Cobra fund. No suitable missions, but plenty of hungry pirates just dying to get … Continue reading

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Kennicott Holdings, Gautama System The Gautamian Flu is pretty nasty, so don’t get it. It keeps you down for a while. Except when you’re up. And on the Imperial Throne, if you take my meaning. Having burned off a slice … Continue reading

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Chernykh Works, Gami Musu System Anti-piracy patrols aren’t all that bad if you remember the rules. Rule number 1: tote a warrant scanner. This device will give you credit for the kill in multiple juristictions.  It’s the gift that keeps … Continue reading

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Bulleid Beacon, Ngauningin System After the rocky progress (i.e., no progress at all) of my last foray in the direction of 47 Ceti, I decided to take it a little more carefully this time around. I was missing my cargo, … Continue reading

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Friendly Fire Isn’t

Bowen Dock, HR 8061 System Missions to hunt down pirates are becoming fewer as I go along. I’m not sure why, but I’ve found that hunting them is still a viable and profitable venture. I am easily bored, however, and … Continue reading

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