Friendly Fire Isn’t


Bowen Dock, HR 8061 System

Missions to hunt down pirates are becoming fewer as I go along. I’m not sure why, but I’ve found that hunting them is still a viable and profitable venture.

I am easily bored, however, and decided to take on a mission into a conflict zone.  I haven’t gotten the knack of these yet, and as usual I ended up huffing vacuum, all over a 10K  reward. I’m either lousy at picking factions, or just not in the right league to be engaging such events.

But the pirate hunting was good. System after system, I collected nav data and shot up pirates, and it was good.

And then there was the ship being flown by a minor lord of the local aristocracy, being hunted by pirates and doing a lousy job staying out of the way while I saved his royal bacon.  As a result, I got a minor bounty for taking him out, and a warm welcome at the next station I stopped at – warm as in the hot end of the lasers.

Total tally is that I gained around 50KCr while having to pay over 40K insurance deductibles.

Oh, bother.

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