Bulleid Beacon, Ngauningin System

After the rocky progress (i.e., no progress at all) of my last foray in the direction of 47 Ceti, I decided to take it a little more carefully this time around. I was missing my cargo, but I could still collect bounties if I played my cards right.

One of my quarry had a hold full of military blueprints, so I dipped my toe in to the pool and added a couple to my hold.

Bad idea.

I had taken out exactly 20% of my quota at this points, and failed to factor in that many of the pirates I would come across were fighting the rozzers … who, naturally, would scan me and notice the forbidden cargo in my hold.  So while I managed to, in many cases, shift the balance in their favor, they ultimately turned against me and started peppering me with fire.

Honestly, I’m not sure that’s what’s got them going on or not, but I do know that I’m getting damned tired of laser fire. So far, nobody’s presented me with an option to pay off my fine, or I would have by now, believe me.

The GalNet’s starting to chatter about these odd artifacts that have been showing up here and there. They say that these can be found around strong signal sources when scanning … I’m fancying a look at one myself.  They say there’s a message embedded in there somewhere.  Probably in some odd dialect that nobody today knows how to interpret.

We live in interesting times.

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