Chernykh Works, Gami Musu System

Anti-piracy patrols aren’t all that bad if you remember the rules.

Rule number 1: tote a warrant scanner.

This device will give you credit for the kill in multiple juristictions.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Rule number 2: You don’t have to be the fastest ship in the sector. Just faster than the slowest ship in the sector.

While it’s tempting to enter a system with a full four pips on the engines, having a couple on systems will keep you alive long enough to point at the slower ship and go, “Hey – he’s LOADED!” and then run like you stole your own ship.

Rule number 3: salvage isn’t worth it.

When them pirates panic and dump their cargo in an attempt to distract you with shiny things, it’s really tempting to load up on that sweet ejecta. But the truth is, you’re probably not set up for smuggling.  You need lots of cargo room, and a known place to drop your ill gotten booty. It’s hard enough avoiding the rozzers when they show up every time you blow up a pirate; giving them another chance to scan you at an unknown space station is just asking for trouble.

Rule number 4: don’t bring a switchblade to a baseball bat fight.

Cargo scanners, a wet bar, entertainment systems, and other fluff are great if you’re running a passenger liner or actually engaging in piracy, but when your main objectives are to (a) go places, (b) see things, and ( c) blow pirates up, be sure to dress for success.  Upgrade your stuff, and make sure you’re equipping stuff designed to meet your objectives.  Especially if you’re flying a Sidey – these little beer cans aren’t made to multitask.   You compromise with these little ships, and you’ll be sucking vaccuum.

It isn’t get-rich-quick by any means, but I’m within 100K of my goal so I’m really not regretting the less aggressive pace.

For now.


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