Kennicott Holdings, Gautama System


The Gautamian Flu is pretty nasty, so don’t get it. It keeps you down for a while. Except when you’re up. And on the Imperial Throne, if you take my meaning.

Having burned off a slice of my bankroll on antibiotics, hookers, and blow (well, one out of three ain’t bad), I staggered into Wild Heart’s cockpit for the first time in two weeks (plus change) and realized that she needed dusting in a serious way.

Two hours and a ten-pack of respirator mask filters later, I was finally ready to run the pre-flight checkout and check the Board. Just like old times – gold buyers, gold buyers, low-value courier missions, take out The General, miserable military missions, and zero cargo going my way or nice, clean anti-piracy missions.  Well, we’re getting close, at least.

So my first trip outside of medbay in over two weeks was into the Big Black without a mission but with at least a vague idea of where I was going next. I had to get inventive, though, because the next leg of the journey was into a void space that really didn’t have a lot to offer in terms of habitable systems – i.e., places to refuel.  But I spotted one system just one jump off my path that had all the amenities one could ask for.  I plotted my course and set off.

Even though I had forgotten to seed my cargo bay with some honey (i.e. pirate bait), the pirates were so happy to see me that I hardly had to work at it to get a few nibbles along the way. A procession of Asps, Eagles, Sidewinders, and even the occasional Cobra provided easily handle-able targets from which to glean a moderate living, and by the time I arrived at my ultimate destination, I’d accumulated around 50K in immediate bounties, plus follow-ups if I made it into Imperial or Alliance space. Not bad for a fella just stepping out of his own coffin.

The fuel situation concerns me.  Considering that I’m not toting cargo right now, maybe I should swap in a fuel scoop and stretch my range out.  On the other hand, I’m so close to my Cobra, I might just wait for that acquisition before doing so.  If I keep my head about me, and make sure to check for the availability of fueling points, I should be okay.

Which means we’re all waiting for the penny to drop, doesn’t it?


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