Star Fury


Chaudhary Hangar, Mboyan System

The final few jumps of my journey to 47 Ceti were uneventful other than the occasional pirate giving his life for my buy-a-Cobra fund. No suitable missions, but plenty of hungry pirates just dying to get a piece of me.  I was not happy to oblige. But I enjoyed the bounties.

By the time I got to 47 Ceti, I had accumulated my goal of 500K and change.  They weren’t selling Cobras there, though, so the best I could do was stare at the poster taped to the bulkhead over my bunk. 

Oh, right, like you don’t do that, too.

Looking over my navcomp, I elected the Aegaeon system for my next destination.  Loading up two tins of Aepyornis Eggs, I headed out in search of a system some 40 jumps away.

A few systems away, I lucked out and found not only a good shipyard, but a good outfitter. I was also very pleasantly surprised to find out that Wild Heart was so well equipped that they practically gave me the Cobra in trade, plus 10,000 creds.  That left me with 500K+ to outfit with.

Here’s a sad truth: if you’re going to buy a Cobra and outfit it, it’ll cost you close to $800K creds.  As it turned out, I escaped with around $150K of my nest egg intact.

A little paint job, a christening ceremony, and she was mine. May I present Star Fury.

Screenshot_0006.bmpBy the way, you’re not seeing things. That is indeed a “Competent” combat insignia on the bow, not “Mostly harmless” like Wild Heart was wearing. Not sure how that happened. I hear there’s a navcomp patch coming out to give us a progress report on that sort of the thing in the near future.

But anyway – Cobra!

My first order of business was to take her out on a trial run just outside the station’s no fire zone.  And here’s where we all raise our hands and shout out “Hooray for testing!”.  As I deployed my weapons for the very first time, all the lights went out. And the life support. And the shields.

Turns out that while the Sidewinder is kind of bulletproof when it comes to outfitting – you just can’t overload it because there aren’t that many ways to suck power on it – the Cobra is a lot less forgiving, and it turns out that four beam lasers were too much of a draw on the power system. As was two beamers and two ballistics.  I eventually went with two beamers, a missile launcher, a torpedo launcher, and a bigger power plant (twice the weight as the Class A I had gone with initially). That took me from 10.6 K to 11K capacity, which brought the needles back out of the red.

So far, me and Star Fury have only experienced combat in one situation that was over before we even got started, but we’re getting to know each other.  For now, I’m going to spend a couple of days sanding down the rough edges and enjoying the amenities of a well-stocked space station.


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