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Another Leg Completed

Ford Dock, NLT 19808 Over at the bar Pigs Before Swine, we’ve all been rooting for CMDR Ol and his friends as they fly over 25,000 LY out of civilized sectors of the galaxy. It’s not like Ollie’s competing for … Continue reading

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Getting Political

My new ship configuration is still working out well. I’ve managed to pump my power systems to 12K MW but I’m always aware that I’m dancing on the edge of power failure with the current system. The Cobra definitely makes … Continue reading

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Work at it long enough, you’ll find a sweet spot

After a number of bad decisions and some moderately disastrous ones, I reconfigured Star Fury’s weapons systems once again.  This time, I swapped out the secondary mounts for ballistic mounts. After hitting up the Board, I headed out looking for … Continue reading

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Power Distribution and You

Feyman Orbital, Hai Ho A very humbling lesson was taught me when I first outfitted Star Fury, when I failed to realize that the fittings that had been fitted required more power than the power plant I had could provide. … Continue reading

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Laying Low

 Boucher Terminal, 84 Ceti There’s a bit of a shakeup going on, and it’s really harshing my buzz.  I have a Grand Vision for myself, to get to Sol and see the ancient sights, but this damned war is getting … Continue reading

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Pip Dancing for Fun and Profit

Sometimes the art of flying any ship is the art of Pip Dancing. “Pip Dancing” is the practice of modifying your power distribution settings effectively to match the situation you are in.  It is so called because most ship power … Continue reading

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Getting to Know You

Wafer Terminal, Shenich System My first major expedition in Star Fury was all about getting to know the ins and outs of a Cobra and the new toys that were afforded me. The first order of business: the fuel scoop.  … Continue reading

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