Getting to Know You


Wafer Terminal, Shenich System

My first major expedition in Star Fury was all about getting to know the ins and outs of a Cobra and the new toys that were afforded me.

The first order of business: the fuel scoop.  I equipped this device as a hedge against hitting a big void in the population plot. I didn’t like getting stranded.  And it works fine. But there’s a fine line between maximum fuel intake and burning to a crisp that I’m still trying to suss. Still, after a few jumps I felt I had the fundamentals in place. The rest, as they say, is finesse.

The weapons package was another matter.  The two beam lasers were familiar enough, but it turns out that dumb-fire missiles are about as useless as a Nerf cannon. Out of my entire loadout, I got exactly one hit, and that was at point blank range.

The torpedo, on the other hand, hit with a mighty BLAM, helping me bring down a far superior foe in seconds. Unfortunately, with its limited capacity (one round per mount point), it really doesn’t fare well on a medium sized ship like a Cobra.  Unless you had a mission that required a hard, heavy hit right off the bat, this weapon is either a massively unrealized potential, or a wasted hardpoint.

So I also swapped out for a scatter gun.  Less said about that, the better.  I’ll investigate ballistics further, but I’ve drawn my conclusions on this one.

The next leg of my journey will have me evaluating homing missiles, which are a lot more accurate but have significantly less OOMF. And maybe another kind of ballistic. 

The great thing is, it’s great to have the freedom to evaluate without sacrificing the ability to defend myself.


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