Laying Low

Screenshot_0001.bmp Boucher Terminal, 84 Ceti

There’s a bit of a shakeup going on, and it’s really harshing my buzz.  I have a Grand Vision for myself, to get to Sol and see the ancient sights, but this damned war is getting in the way.  The Feds are in an uproar, with Spaceship One having been blown out of the sky, and various senior polis jockying for political advantage.  The crisis in the Federation has maybe triggered more unrest in the Alliance and Empire.

Work is coming in from all over the place; the best way to get ahead is to curry favor with one of these factions.  Those that do not, I’m hearing, are having a harder time of it than they used to.

My dilemma here is that if I pick a side, my travels may be somewhat constrained. And that’s going to make it harder to curry favor with the Feds. Unless I side with that weasel Hudson … and that’s gonna take a pretty thick rug. So, in a way, I’ve unpicked a side, haven’t I?

All this stupidity comes on top of some major changes that are taking place on the technology front. Right now, we should be enjoying some new toys, but it’s all tainted by the changes taking place.  I hear about little cargo-retrieving drones, improvements in mining technology, and even the GalNet interface has been updated.  The Galaxy map even has new shineys – I swear, I saw a button that would point out known black markets in the area.

But no – we gotta focus on the gritty underpinnings of this galactic bruhaha.  Okay, fine.

First of all, it really did feel like the pinch was on; bounties were smaller, rewards were smaller, and the smiles were less frequent and of lower than usual quality. But, on the other hand, business was brisk. I can’t complain.

I fit a third beam laser on the new heap, upgraded to homing missiles, and went out and asserted myself. The verdict is: keep trying.  The problem with beamers is that they share a common energy pool.  What this translates to is: more beamers = higher burst damage, but you use up your juice a lot faster.  If I keep this configuration – or go with four – I’ll need to change my tactics somewhat.  If I keep the missile launcher, I’ll need to upgrade to something with more oomf. It’s nice to use as filler in between laser cooldowns, but it would be nice it was more … decisive.

While I’ve been romping all over the galaxy like I owned the place, it’s important to realize there are bigger fish out there.  I was served that lesson anew when some goon in an Imperial Dropship got the drop on me (c wut I did thar) and I was lucky to escape – though, I must say, I was in a lot better shape when I escaped than last time I encountered one of these terrors.

Well, I have a lot to think about as I cozy into a nice warm hostel and look at the litany of misery that is the GalNet newsfeed, run power distribution simulations on my wristpad, and try to figure out where I should stand in the big picture.


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