Power Distribution and You


Feyman Orbital, Hai Ho

A very humbling lesson was taught me when I first outfitted Star Fury, when I failed to realize that the fittings that had been fitted required more power than the power plant I had could provide. Okay, well, fixed that.

Fast forward to today, as I docked at a station that had a decent selection of pieces parts.  I upgraded two items, neither which were marked as having any effect on the power distribution system; the second item was a shiny new Power Distro box that had major improvements in the recharge rate of all subsystems. 

After that, I set out in search of mischief and found some … deployed my weapons … and the ship went dead.

I mean, it’s a good thing the hardpoints are spring-loaded, or I’d’ve had to go for a walk in order to get my systems back online.

After I ran diagnostics, I came across the cause, and a good reason to remember to continue to do a test firing before heading out each time. The shiny new distribution box actually DOES have a power draw, but it’s not actually disclosed in the spec sheet. As a result, my power draw was .3 more than expected, and that took me right over the line.

Thus endeth the lesson.

After a lot of soul searching, I’ve elected to align with Felicia Winters, the Shadow President, and her opposition party. They’re right, there’s just a lot of fishiness in the loss of Spaceship One; the numbers don’t add up. Or if they do, it’s to something pretty damned ugly.  I’m not always the biggest fan of the Fed government, but I just can’t take the Hudson administration seriously.

I don’t mean I’m going full-on foil hat here. I’m not ready to stand with the RedditNet personalities that insist that Halsey’s disappearance was a deliberate act of sabot age by one of her own senators.  Winters at least isn’t going there, either. Not yet. She’s at least insisting that facts need to back the allegations first.

So I’ll gladly stand with the voice of reason over that blowhard Hudson that seems to think that the best solution to anything is to blow it out of space.

I mean, that’s my job, but I’ll do it for someone that would rather I not do as much of it.


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