Work at it long enough, you’ll find a sweet spot

Screenshot_0001.bmpAfter a number of bad decisions and some moderately disastrous ones, I reconfigured Star Fury’s weapons systems once again.  This time, I swapped out the secondary mounts for ballistic mounts. After hitting up the Board, I headed out looking for pirates to bash.

So this feels like a winner, folks.

A pair of gimbaled multi-cannons seems like a perfect counter to the heavy beam weapons in the primary mounts. Generally, while the beams cool off, the cannons can hammer away. While they reload, the beams can cook the target.  Rinse. Repeat. Reload. Repair.

You get the idea.

Today I got a packet from the office of Felicia Winters.  Apparently, the Shadow President sees no problem accepting the services of an occasional smuggler, mercenary, and sell-ship. A small stipend of 1000 CR and a suggestion of more where that came from. Liberal, schmiberal – pay me well and I’ll spread your propaganda from here to Sag-A*.  

Though I was hoping for something more violent.


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