Getting Political

Screenshot_0000.bmp My new ship configuration is still working out well. I’ve managed to pump my power systems to 12K MW but I’m always aware that I’m dancing on the edge of power failure with the current system. The Cobra definitely makes power management a much larger challenge than on my humble Sidewinder. In a way, I kinda miss Wild Heart. Then I encounter a very angry Imperial Dropship and I remember why I’m happy to be flying a Cobra. Nobody likes seeing their shields disappear in three seconds, which is an altogether too common situation when flying a Sidey.

Serving Felicia Winters’ cause has proven to be far less gratifying than I would like. Maybe it’s due to my low rank in the organization, but so far all they want from me is to deliver propaganda. Which I can do, sure, but I’d rather be blowing up bad guys in the name of the Shadow President.

The Cobra Mk III is a comfy, warm cocoon around my frail body that protects me from the turbulence of the magnificence of the evil of the Galaxy.  I love it in here. Just enough cargo room to get in trouble, just enough firepower to see me through most battle, just enough shielding to keep me safe. This ship is the Just Right of the Galactic Shipyard. Star Fury may not be able to hold her own against an Imperial Dropship, but she’s up to just about anything else.

I’m a few jumps away from my next destination, and I’m minus my special cargo.  However, I’ve avoided dying since my last special port, so hopefully I have a lot of dosh coming from exploration data. And that’s a nice thought.

Aegaeon, my ultimate destination, is in the middle of Felicia’s area of influence, so I’ve made an unusually serendipitous selection for my destination. Hopefully, I’ll curry more favor from her team.


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