Be prepared; that’s the Cobra pilot’s sacred creed!

Screenshot 2016-06-30 21.07.31.png

Lalande 27055, Polya Terminal

I took on support of Felecia Winters and her posse simply because it was the quickest way to get a permit for the Sol system. And yet, over time, it’s proven to be  pretty lucrative.

By basically camp-following the conflict between Winters and her rivals, I have been able to rake in some decent cash, managing to upgrade Star Fury in several ways along the way.

The most recent event, which took place around 150 LY from here, involved shipping military supplies to a Winters faction outpost embedded in hostile territory. And while I had a maximum of 18 tons of free space at any given time, my first load was enough to guarantee me 700,000 CR as part of the “top 100%” – i.e., anyone that even bothered to help.  That’s a pretty decent reward for doing the least I could do.

With that take, I upgraded my power plant from a 3C to 4A. It was tempting to also upgrade the power distribution system as well – I had the cash – but that would have taken me below my “rebuy” value – this being, essentially, the deductible on my ship. Let your cash balance fall below this value, and you’ll be flying a starter Sidey next time you get blowed up.  So, never, EVER take your cash balance below the Rebuy value of your ship, or you’ll be very sorry.

Screenshot 2017-01-23 23.13.50.png

I’ve now officially encountered my very first neutron star. The star drive stops you WAY the hell out from the center of gravity because, ya know, gravity sucks, and it sucks really hard within .1 AU of a neutron star.  When you drop out of Witchspace, it looks like it’s several AU away, like Sol as viewed from Earth, but in reality you’re less than the diameter of a G type star from it.

I’ve never encountered a red giant before, so I’m kinda curious what the drive does with that situation. How’s it know? Is it the Navicomp?  I did pop out next to Rigel once (a blue giant) and I was a respectful distance away, not nestled deep into its core. So I’m guessing Navi is lending a hand.

Winters has another big thing going on out in the Colonia sector, so far away that Navi can’t figure how to get me there. So I’ve been doing short trade routes in that general direction until I can get within striking distance. I downloaded a nice app into Navi called EDDB, which not only provides trade data to stations as I dock with them, but downloads trade data left by other ships as well. You use it to help plot trade routes given some basic parameters, so I’ve been using that to pad my pockets a little as I go along. It more than pays for refueling, though sometimes not for repairs.

Still, I’m coming out in the black so far.  Here’s hoping that’s a trend. I’ve heard about some harsh villains hanging out in the Colonia sector.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 22.20.11.png

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