On Knowing One’s Place

Screenshot 2017-02-01 21.14.48.png

Dirichlet Orbital, Yum Kamcabi System

The campaign to empower Felicia Winters in the power play for control of the Federation continues to occupy galactic policy in this part of the galaxy. While it means in some ways that low lifes like me can eke out a few credits and gain more favor with the people handing out permits in certain systems, it also means that we sometimes have to expose ourselves to undue danger.

There were two missions ongoing at the same time. The bad guys (not us) had blowed up some cargo ships, and it was our job (us) to recover that cargo and any occupied cargo pods that might be found.  At the same time, any wanted pilot that was blowed up in the same area would grant a bounty voucher to the Upright Citizens that might be lurking around the area.

I think you know where this is going.

I manged to recover some cargo before I worked out which bits of cargo would not get me in dutch with the authorties. After dumping my illicit cargo on the black market, I headed back to the area to help in recovery … and as soon as I had anything good in the cargo bay, the Upright Citizens opened fire on me and blowed me up. Turns out, I was ranked “hostile” to the powers that be in the system, making me a wanted pilot, and therefore worth a few bounty vouchers to the Upright Citizens. They didn’t even thank me.

After a few episodes of “I dun got blowed up”, I decided to make like a tree and lumber on outta there. I had gotten my minimum participation credit for Felicia & al, so I wafted out of there seeking other exploits with which to earn my fame.

Fortunately, there’s a thing in Yum Kamcabi that mostly involves getting cargo and delivering it, so I have high hopes. If you need crap hauled, I got yer gig.

I’ve managed to more or less double my cargo capacity, and even if the power plant and distro box are beefier, I wasn’t happy with the four-laser arrangement I had, so I’ve replaced the secondaries with seeker missiles. So far – knock on silica substrate – they’ve been pretty effective, even though the expense might be a bit higher per trip, but only if some butt head decides to try to liberate my cargo.  They are 0 for 3 so far. Fingers crossed.

Screenshot 2017-01-19 21.47.01.png

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