The first trick is not to get blowed up.

Screenshot 2017-01-19 22.25.58.png

LHS 6028, Tryggvason Orbital

I really like the recent system upgrades to Star Fury. Besides the usual operating system upgrades to the navicomp, there have been a few stealth quality of life upgrades to several ship systems. For example, it is now possible  to scan planets on the other side of stars or planets that would normally block the equipments’ view. This is a real time saver and a boon to one’s existence.

Now if that were my only problem, this would be as ideal an existence as I could ask for. Pick things up, fly to another place, drop stuff off, get paid, get drunk, get laid, get sober, rest, repeat. Not a bad way to go through life. Unfortunately, this is not my beautiful life.

As I have drifted ever closer to the Colonia system, more and more so-caused friends of whatever-your-faction-is have appeared in heavily armed ships. The kind that don’t really give you much of a chance to escape before blowing you, your cargo, and your precious navigational charts into oblivion.  I’ve podded it at least three times in the past few months, to the point that my usual reaction to interdiction has gone from let’s drop out of witchspace into normal space to see what we’re dealing with, to fuck that noise let’s run if we can. Star Fury is a lovely ship, but she doesn’t stand a chance against an angry Imperial Courier or similar. Believe me, I know this in great personal detail.

So I’ve been playing it safe, still trying to help in the Colonia neighborhood.

But there’s been some trouble in the Pleiades sector.

For hundreds of years we’ve heard rumors of these boogiemen called “Thargoids”.  Despite the tapes and vids showing them to be real, for some reason these alien creatures have been relegated to the realm of myth. But a few months ago, they started to re-appear … benign, at first, but then our usual government jackasses put up bounties to encourage pilots to try varying tactics to attack the beasties, and, apparently, they lost patience for that shit.

This past week, all hell cut loose.  At least three major stations have been attacked, and more are expected.

All I have to hope for now is to avoid this cataclysm. Here’s also hoping this doesn’t spread out into the Colonia sector. It’s been  hard enough getting there.

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