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In Which the Bubble is Left

Ferguson Escape, Acawar I’ve been sticking to “the bubble”, as known space is sometimes called, usually because my navcomp or my hardware was in some way lacking.  For example, when the Colonia efforts were underway, I was unable to get … Continue reading

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Bulleid Beacon, Ngauningin System After the rocky progress (i.e., no progress at all) of my last foray in the direction of 47 Ceti, I decided to take it a little more carefully this time around. I was missing my cargo, … Continue reading

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Predator, Prey

La Soeur du Dan, Riedquat For such a big station, the outfitter here was a shambles. Figures. I have 50K burning a hole in my pocket, and nowhere to spend it. Pointing towards Lave, I headed out.  Stopping at the … Continue reading

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Doing well while doing good

Cheli Terminal, Djabushis There are 44 landing pads in Cheli, and I may have used all of them at this point. I’m slowly, painfully making something resembling bank, or at least knows where bank hangs out. But I’m starting to … Continue reading

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