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The first trick is not to get blowed up.

LHS 6028, Tryggvason Orbital I really like the recent system upgrades to Star Fury. Besides the usual operating system upgrades to the navicomp, there have been a few stealth quality of life upgrades to several ship systems. For example, it … Continue reading

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On Knowing One’s Place

Dirichlet Orbital, Yum Kamcabi System The campaign to empower Felicia Winters in the power play for control of the Federation continues to occupy galactic policy in this part of the galaxy. While it means in some ways that low lifes … Continue reading

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  Jael Dock, Verner System There’s an old addage, “Never sleep with someone crazier than yourself.” One of my ex-girlfriends shared that with me just before she came at me with a fusion spanner.  You would think that I’d remember that … Continue reading

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Another Leg Completed

Ford Dock, NLT 19808 Over at the bar Pigs Before Swine, we’ve all been rooting for CMDR Ol and his friends as they fly over 25,000 LY out of civilized sectors of the galaxy. It’s not like Ollie’s competing for … Continue reading

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Work at it long enough, you’ll find a sweet spot

After a number of bad decisions and some moderately disastrous ones, I reconfigured Star Fury’s weapons systems once again.  This time, I swapped out the secondary mounts for ballistic mounts. After hitting up the Board, I headed out looking for … Continue reading

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Kennicott Holdings, Gautama System The Gautamian Flu is pretty nasty, so don’t get it. It keeps you down for a while. Except when you’re up. And on the Imperial Throne, if you take my meaning. Having burned off a slice … Continue reading

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Chernykh Works, Gami Musu System Anti-piracy patrols aren’t all that bad if you remember the rules. Rule number 1: tote a warrant scanner. This device will give you credit for the kill in multiple juristictions.  It’s the gift that keeps … Continue reading

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Bulleid Beacon, Ngauningin System After the rocky progress (i.e., no progress at all) of my last foray in the direction of 47 Ceti, I decided to take it a little more carefully this time around. I was missing my cargo, … Continue reading

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Friendly Fire Isn’t

Bowen Dock, HR 8061 System Missions to hunt down pirates are becoming fewer as I go along. I’m not sure why, but I’ve found that hunting them is still a viable and profitable venture. I am easily bored, however, and … Continue reading

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Targets of Opportunity

Picard Settlement, Yenada System For a mining outpost, Picard has a pretty lively Board. Unfortunately, when your best choices are between going after traders or Rozzers, you know you’re in the wrong part of the galaxy.  Pay my bar tab, … Continue reading

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