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Point of View

So I did a thing on my other blog. Since it’s OOC, I did it there but not here.  Don’t let that deter you. Advertisements

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OOC: ED 1.2 is live (for some value of “live”)

Going out of character a bit, Elite: Dangerous 1.2 is now live, and the release notes are pretty beefy. You’ll need to download an updated launcher first, then it’ll go get the update.  I don’t know about you, but mine … Continue reading

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What has gone before

And there I was, realizing that I had accidentally deleted my ship’s logs without any backups.  The Feds were not gonna like that. Not at all. So let me summarize. No, it is too much …  Let me sum up. … Continue reading

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Alas, a blog

Share the adventures of a total derp as he adventures through the world of Elite: Dangerous.

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