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Journey: Interrupted

  Lovell Depot, Bruthanvan System The path towards 47 Ceti was open, so I plotted a course to bridge the gap between here and there and climbed into the comfortable, yet extremely constricted, cockpit of Wild Heart. The first order … Continue reading

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Shout out to the Goonies

Davies High, Reorte System Business is booming in Reorte, even for those of us looking to move on.  While it goes against my own doctrine, I’m starting to consider just dead heading to Lave so I can declare this leg … Continue reading

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Two Jumps Forward, One Jump Back

Trevethick Orbital, BR Piscium This traditional Solar “weekend” thing was kinda fun, but “Monday”, whatever that is, was a bear, and nobody on the station was offering much of anything except the station stoolies, who were willing to offer credits … Continue reading

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