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  Jael Dock, Verner System There’s an old addage, “Never sleep with someone crazier than yourself.” One of my ex-girlfriends shared that with me just before she came at me with a fusion spanner.  You would think that I’d remember that … Continue reading

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Power Distribution and You

Feyman Orbital, Hai Ho A very humbling lesson was taught me when I first outfitted Star Fury, when I failed to realize that the fittings that had been fitted required more power than the power plant I had could provide. … Continue reading

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Pip Dancing for Fun and Profit

Sometimes the art of flying any ship is the art of Pip Dancing. “Pip Dancing” is the practice of modifying your power distribution settings effectively to match the situation you are in.  It is so called because most ship power … Continue reading

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Chernykh Works, Gami Musu System Anti-piracy patrols aren’t all that bad if you remember the rules. Rule number 1: tote a warrant scanner. This device will give you credit for the kill in multiple juristictions.  It’s the gift that keeps … Continue reading

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Not the Greatest Judge of Character

Haxel Dock, Asegezites System Good news: I’d left the foul grasp of the Feds and re-entered civilization, where my precious Evil Juice was no longer considered the Worst Thing Since Dark Matter. The bad news was, Haxel wasn’t happening.  You … Continue reading

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Mostly Harmless

Patterson Dock, Uszaa System Uszaa has a war going on, and it appears to be spilling out to the surrounding systems.  Not overtly, but in some places the rule of law seems to be breaking down. Take Reidquat, for example. … Continue reading

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On Dying

  Thanks to the meddling of the Feds and the Royals, among others, all starship commanders are required to carry mandatory state-approved insurance. And when you’re flying a stock Sidey, it’s all good, because what you get busted in is … Continue reading

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Finding Things

One of the most difficult part of many missions is that they send you off to a system in which you don’t see the thing you were sent there to find. Such things include, but are not limited to: Black … Continue reading

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