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On Knowing One’s Place

Dirichlet Orbital, Yum Kamcabi System The campaign to empower Felicia Winters in the power play for control of the Federation continues to occupy galactic policy in this part of the galaxy. While it means in some ways that low lifes … Continue reading

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Be prepared; that’s the Cobra pilot’s sacred creed!

Lalande 27055, Polya Terminal I took on support of Felecia Winters and her posse simply because it was the quickest way to get a permit for the Sol system. And yet, over time, it’s proven to be  pretty lucrative. By … Continue reading

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WTB more space

Britnev Platform, Raguvii System I hate politics. A perfectly useful rare goods run turned into a grim death march when the tide of politics shifted faster than my star drive could compensate, and, suddenly, Star Fury was behind enemy lines. … Continue reading

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