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WTB more space

Britnev Platform, Raguvii System I hate politics. A perfectly useful rare goods run turned into a grim death march when the tide of politics shifted faster than my star drive could compensate, and, suddenly, Star Fury was behind enemy lines. … Continue reading

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A Busy Ship is a Happy Ship

Patterson Dock, Uszaa System I’ve got a rule that keeps me alive; I never dead head out of a system while there’s still viable business to attend to. This is because of my essential nature; left to my own devices, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Star Base Disappoint

Birkland City, Ross 154 I boarded my ship with thought: By the end of the day, I planned to be in orbit around Earth, or snuggled in to a nice drink in a bar on Lincoln Station.  At Ross 154, … Continue reading

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Doing well while doing good

Cheli Terminal, Djabushis There are 44 landing pads in Cheli, and I may have used all of them at this point. I’m slowly, painfully making something resembling bank, or at least knows where bank hangs out. But I’m starting to … Continue reading

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Bait and Switch

Hopkins Terminal, Ross 193 After a couple of days eating mostly real food and fraternization with mostly real women (and a couple of fellas checking out the flight patterns), and repeated visits to the bulletin board, I concluded that things … Continue reading

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